State okays new hog confinement in Cerro Gordo County

DES MOINES, Iowa – The state’s Environmental Protection Commission has approved the construction of a new hog confinement near Ventura.

The Cerro Gordo County Board of Supervisors recommended against approving the nearly 5,000 hog facility and made their case to the Commission Tuesday morning.  The developer, River Edge Farms, and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources also made presentations.

The county objected to the hog confinement because of its proximity to Wild Goose Wildlife Management Area, Kuhn Wildlife Area as well as numerous city, county and state parks.  It also argued that manure from the facility would have to be transported long distances for field applications and that roughly 55 residences will be within one-half mile of fields where that manure will be applied, exposing them to possible odor and other adverse impacts.

The DNR says the proposed manure management plan for the hog confinement meets state requirements and River Edge Farms affirmed that its proposal satisfied Iowa law.

Approval from the Environmental Protection Commission clears the way for the confinement to be built near 300th Street, about a half-mile east of Balsam Avenue in Ventura.

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