Election 2016 preview: 3 candidates for Floyd County sheriff


FLOYD CO., Iowa – The position of Floyd County sheriff is being sought by three candidates, all of which have extensive backgrounds in public safety.

Independent candidate Jeff Crooks has been working in law enforcement for 12 years and currently holds the title of chief deputy with the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office. Independent candidate William Vetter has over 10 years experience as well as 26 years in the Marine Corp. Democratic Candidate Marc Lentz has a background in security as well as an AA in criminal justice.

All three candidates say they want to move the county forward but have different visions on how to do that.

“The county needs more fresh ideas,” says William Vetter. “More cooperative type law enforcement where we interact with communities, the small communities, the juveniles, the schools and the communities as a whole.”

“I’ve worked a lot of years and security, so I know how to keep an area a secure and protected area,” says Lantz.

“Things are changing very drastically all the time in law enforcement,” says Crooks. “Law enforcement has a bad name right now — we need to get with the community, we need to have our presence there, we need to get along with one people.”

Another issue brought up is how to create better relationships with entities in the community, especially with what locals call friction between the current sheriff and the Charles City police chief.

“There has been some friction between the two departments and by me coming from the police department and going over the sheriff’s department, I can help erode that,” says Vetter.

“Chief Anderson and myself are separated by two years from each other in high school,” says Crooks. “We have known each other for a long time and we’ve got a very good relationship that we have had for years.”

“A lot of people have interests, just find out what their interests are and that’s how you open up any conversation,” says Lantz.

Other issues the sheriff faces are handling funds, training and how to change the presentation of law enforcement throughout the community.

“This county needs to work on the response time — sometimes it takes a half hour to get to an area,” says Lantz.

“One thing about that I will stress to officers is ‘Hey, let’s get on the community, let’s be seen other than just our uniforms,'” says Crooks.

“We can not allow ourselves not to be training all of the time if there’s an actual incident — we will sink to our level of our training we will not rise above it,” says Vetter.

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