Election 2016 preview: Minnesota House District 26A


ROCHESTER, Minn. – The final presidential debate was Wednesday night and by now, it is probably safe to say most people are decided on which candidate they plan to vote for in November.

But we at KIMT want to make sure you’re ready for all of the races you’ll see on the ballots, which is why we are highlighting local and state races from Iowa and Minnesota leading up to Nov. 8.

Minnesota House District 26A covers most of Rochester and it’s currently held by Rep. Tina Liebling. The DFL-endorsed candidate has served for six terms and is seeking a seventh.

She’s being challenged by Republican newcomer Will Waggoner, who studied political science and has worked on political campaigns, including Rep. Nels Pierson, who we told you earlier this week is seeking reelection for Minnesota House District 26B.

We talked to both candidates about what they would bring to the Minnesota House if elected.

“I really think that we can continue the work that we began two years, in the session before this last one where we did a ton of work, got everything done on time, early in fact, and just did enormous good for the state of Minnesota, no gridlock, no breakdown, and got everything in on time and really got a lot of things working better for the state,” explains Liebling.

“If I set my mind to something, it’s going to get done. We’re going to find some solution, it may not be a perfect solution every time, but we’re going to see some results and that’s something that we lacked in the legislature recently,” says Waggoner.

As far as which issues they feel are the most important to the area, both agree health care is a big one.

“Health care is important to all of us, that’s got to be number one. It’s not only a big topic because of all of the rising costs in health care, in MNsure premiums, but also with Rochester, health care is our biggest industry and our town is kind of built around it so we have to make sure that they’re able to flourish so we’re able to flourish and the rest of the city grows with Mayo and the health care system,” adds Waggoner.

“We have huge challenges that remain, a lot of them in health and human services, in education, in the environment, just a lot of work to do for the people who live in this state to keep it a really great place to live, so that’s my plan is to try to make it an even better place to live and work,” says Liebling.

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