Employees are trying to stay motivated at work

AUSTIN, Minn.- Working 40 hours a week or more can be hard on anyone, even leaving you to feel less motivated to do your job. Mower Refresh is hoping to change that.

Over a dozen workers in Austin are gathering to watch a video to get a little lesson in motivation.

“Motivation is very important at jobs because it helps with employees staying,” said Sheryl Ellingson, Executive Assistant Administration for Mayo Clinic Health System-Albert Lea and Austin. “If you stay motivated you’ll enjoy going to work every day.”

This can help employees anywhere from Vision 2020 to even an entrepreneur like Mary Holtorf.

“I’m more self-motivated then maybe a lot of people are,” said Holtorf. “Entrepreneurs have to be because they’re kind of alone most of the time.”

The group Mower Refreshed is partnering up with with Mayo Clinic Health System-Albert Lea and Austin to make sure workers are still enjoying their job.

They watched an encouraging Ted Talk video called, “The Puzzle of Motivation.” Where Dan Pink goes over how to increase motivation and productivity while trying to stay positive when working.

“We want everyone to go back to their team at their work and just provide examples from this video to motivate them,” said Ellingson.

You can find more information about Mower Refreshed at http://mowerrefreshed.org/




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