Mason City shooting investigation continues

MASON CITY, Iowa – It was a busy Tuesday evening for those working to answer emergency calls.

Fortunately, each dispatcher is trained and ready for those moments.

“Try and get as much information possible as to what’s going on on scene.  We paint a picture for our officers and emergency responders heading to the scene,” said Amanda Palmeeter, 911 dispatcher for Cerro Gordo County.

Whether it’s this case or any questionable situation, Palmeeter says if you hear or see something worth calling about, do so.

“If you don’t know the address, give a description as to where you’re at, landmarks, stuff like that that’s very important.  If we don’t have your location, we don’t know where to send them,” Palmeeter said.

A 28-year-old woman is being treated for a gunshot wound to the arm and is currently in stable condition at the University of Iowa’s hospital.  Authorities say she was shot by a handgun.

Mason City Police Chief Jeff Brinkley tells us there’s no immediate danger to the public.

“Last night you could just tell in the dispatcher’s voice over the radio when the call goes out multiple calls, multiple shots, you know you’re rolling into a real shooting,” Brinkley said.

He says there’s no suspect at this time and they haven’t found a weapon.  The chief stresses he doesn’t believe it’s an attempted murder or domestic dispute.

“This isn’t Mason City, this isn’t us.  This isn’t our community.  We don’t, this isn’t how we solve problems. I really think this kind of violence is still not commonplace here and I don’t think people want it to be common,” he added.

Anyone with information is asked to call Mason City Police at 641-421-3636.

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