Students learn about technology and farming


MASON CITY, Iowa – Local students at Jefferson Elementary got the chance to ride inside of a combine with a farmer while in the classroom with the help of a technology app.

Fourth grade students at Jefferson Elementary School are learning about all of the regions of the U.S., starting with the Midwest.

Teacher Molly Harris wanted the kids to learn what it takes to bring products such as corn in from the field.

The students had an opportunity to meet with farmer James Fulk through a Google hangout and learn.

“That if there’s too much stuff on the combine, it can start a fire and it really breaks down because of the parts,” says student Karter Kalemsurd.

Many of the students had never seen a combine before, so they enjoyed the experience.

“It was neat just to be able to be inside a combine without actually being inside of one and we just think it’s important because believe it or not kids, even at Jefferson, some of them have never seen farming or know much about it,” says Harris.

“It was like stunning being able to be there because I’ve never really been on a farm, but I mean I’ve passed by and I’ve seen these big machines and I’m like what are those, so this was a real learning experience for me,” says Addyson Hall, Student.

As for Karter, he says technology is constantly growing and is a great way for students like him to learn about new things.

“Well it’s kind of cool seeing how even though we’re not in the combine it’s like we were anyways, with the technology is getting so big and it’s kind a cool being in a combine even though we weren’t really in it.”

Over 50 students were in attendance for the event.

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