Veterans and voting


KIMT News 3 – “Your vote and your voice count.”

That’s the message from Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate on the importance of voting. But a new initiative he’s launched is focused on getting a few specific groups to vote, including veterans.

“They put it on the line for us and we have the honor and privilege to have the right to vote and to have a kind of government we have,” Pate said. “And they had our back, now it’s time we have theirs by making sure we get out and vote and pay tribute to them.”

And one veteran says for him and others, it feels good to vote.

“It gives them a good feeling that they’re doing exactly what they’re supposed to be,” veteran Jim Buck said. “They’re protecting citizens while they were in the service and you can always remember that.”

Pate’s new initiative includes a one stop shop website for voting including links to absentee voting and online registration. And for him, it’s an important cause to get behind.

“There was a period in our history of this country where we weren’t this cognizant or recognizing of our veterans and their role and now it’s kind of refreshing stepping back up and saying I do appreciate what my neighbors are doing or my forefathers who were out there on the front lines,” Pate said.

As for Buck, he’s got some advice for voters.

”If you want to mouth off too much about the government, make sure you vote, otherwise you don’t have much to say about it,” Pate said.

To find the Secretary’s new initiative head to

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