Cloris Mehmen possibly found


KIMT News 3 – Several with the community emergency response team from Cerro Gordo County volunteered their time to help find Cloris.

Brice Ausenhus spent July 7th walking soybeans in Plainfield.  His goal was to look for signs of Cloris.

“People in Iowa don’t think that Iowa is an inhospitable spot to search.  It’s very difficult to search,” Ausenhus said.

He explains: between cornfields and wooded areas, searching for any sign of someone can be time consuming.

Thursday, Ausenhus and others are hearing the news Cloris’s remains may have been found.

“I’m just glad that the family has closure.  I wish we would have found her, but sometimes that isn’t what happens,” Ausenhus said.

Those with the Bremer County Sheriff’s Office say a farmer found remains while harvesting Wednesday, just about a half a mile from Cloris’s home.

Ausenhus says in the past when they’ve searched for those with medical issues, everything before they wandered off plays a role.

“Sometimes they have great stamina. We find them many, many miles from their last standing point.  Others are very close, there are a lot of pieces of information I’d like to get from Bremer County Emergency Management,” Ausenhus said.

Stefanie Barsness works at the IOOF Home and Community Therapy Center, working daily with those suffering from dementia and family trying to cope.

“The further the disease progresses the harder it’s going to be. They’re not going to be able to remember simple things to do,” Barsness said.

Barsness says if your loved one is still at home and showing signs of dementia, there are ways you can help.

“Leave lots of notes everywhere.  Remember to turn off the stove, turn off the light, simple things like that usually really help quite a bit,” Barsness said.

Cloris’s family in September sent out an email thanking everyone who volunteered their time to find her.

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