Paving begins at County Road B-35 project


MASON CITY, Iowa – Heartland Asphalt has begun paving County Road B-35. The project between Mason City and Clear Lake has been in the works since June.

“They’ve finished up a good majority of the dirt work and they (Heartland Asphalt) have started paving,” said Cerro Gordo County engineer Mary Kelly.

Kelly said the $3.1 million project started in June when crews removed the original roadway and reworked the existing road bed.

“And put down a good granular subbase to construct the road on.”

The project widening the entire pavement width and adding turn lanes at the intersections was supposed to be finished by late September, but it’s still underway because of recent weather conditions.

“All of the rain and flooding,” said Kelly. “You can’t work the dirt like you need to when it’s too wet.”

Todd Lursen, manager of Croell, a company that produces Redi-Mix concrete down the road from the B-35 project site, said he knows weather conditions can affect how long a project takes, so he understands why the project isn’t finished yet.

“It’s also a plus for us,” said Lursen. “To access and get out of here as far as trucks, we don’t have to wait for a lot of traffic.”

Lursen said the only big inconvenience of the project is access to Clear Lake. He said the Heartland Asphalt crew have been accommodating, allowing them to have access to their storage building down the road, but getting semi trucks out of the storage building has been difficult with all of the work being done.

“The road being closed, you’re creating a lot of dust for the neighbors and with the gravel being down from the base, and when it rains it’s really sloppy,” said Lursen. “It’s rough.”

Kelly said the road should be open again sometime in November.

“They have to complete the paving, then they have to do the granular shouldering and the pavement markings and the remainder of the trail work,” said Kelly.

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