Post-Debate Analysis


KIMT News 3- Wednesday night was the last Presidential Debate for this election season. Being a few weeks away from Election Day, it’s time to start figuring out who you want to vote for.

Many tuned in for the debate and some say it was the best one yet. That includes Political Analyst Dr. Eric Shoars.

He believes both of the candidates gave it their all this time around.

The debate covered topics like immigration, abortion, guns and crime rate, but for the first time during a Presidential debate this year the issue of the national debt was brought up.

“The candidates both pressed equally not only about what their plans are, but how their plans contrast with their opponents,” said Shoars. “I thought the American people really got a nice last debate and this close to the election there is a lot to ponder about before they head to the polls.”

Shoars believes Trump would have needed to have an outstanding debate last night in order to change people’s minds to vote for him.

“Both Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump had a solid performance last night,” said Shoars. “However, with as far as behind Mr. Trump is right now, solid wasn’t good enough. He needed spectacular and he didn’t deliver that.”


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