Branstad requests presidential disaster declaration for flooding


MASON CITY, Iowa-  Iowa’s Gov. Terry Branstad delivered a letter to President Obama requesting assistance to help recover some of the damages from the September floods.

The request is asking for funding for communities in counties such as: Cerro Gordo, Floyd, Butler, Mitchell, Franklin, Howard, Chickasaw, Winneshiek, and Wright. The assistance is strictly in the public assistance area and would cover public properties including roadways, parks, water treatment facilities and public structures.

The request to the president shows there was an estimated $22 million worth of damage that could be eligible for the Public Assistance Program.

Cerro Gordo County Emergency Management Coordinator Steve O’Neil said he thinks there’s a good chance assistance will be given. He said it would be helpful since budgets are always tight.

“We do the best we can gathering all the information we can, getting as accurate assessments we can,” said O’Neil. “If we put together a solid proposal, there should be a high probability the president will sign it. It’s not a guaranteed deal, none of them are.”

O’Neil said he thinks there should be a response from the proposal by mid-November.


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