Hancock County man accused of kidnapping and beating a woman

Randy Dann
Randy Dann

GARNER, Iowa – A Hancock County man has been charged with 1st degree kidnapping and domestic abuse assault.

45-year-old Randy Dann of Corwith was arrested on October 11 after the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of domestic violence.  Dann allegedly bound a woman with zip ties and then assaulted her for several hours.  The victim reportedly was struck in the head and kneed in the back and groin.

When law enforcement went to speak with Dann about the incident, he allegedly barricaded himself in his house and officers had to use force to get inside.  Court records state that Dann told officers he was only trying to hold the woman down while she was having a seizure.

Authorities say a search of Dann’s home found zip ties that had been cut into small pieces and thrown in the garbage and that Dann has a previous conviction for domestic abuse assault.

Dann is being held in the Hancock County Jail on $100,000 cash only bond.

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