Race for Iowa House District 52


CHARLES CITY, Iowa- Election day is only 18 days away and as part of our on going local election coverage we are taking you inside the race for Iowa House District 52 between Democratic incumbent Todd Prichard and Republican candidate Stacie Stokes.

Both candidates say funding education is there top priority especially for Stokes who is an educator herself.

“Take a look to see if the rules and regulations we have, how much do they cost and then are they aligned to what is asked of us, and do they match up,” says Stokes. I want to make sure funding is being done accordingly.”

Prichard says they need to come up with funds in a more timely manner so schools know what to expect.

“The debate over education funding is just dragged on perennially into the end of the session,” says State Representative Prichard. “That’s not where it needs to be, it needs to be set from the get-go and it needs to be set at an appropriate level because if we don’t it just becomes a tax hike for the school districts.”

Another issue both candidates agree needs to be discussed this year is water quality and how to find a sustainable way to fund initiatives.

“Empower the local jurisdictions of the counties and cities to work together,” says Prichard. “We need to find out how to funds water quality initiatives that will gives us the biggest bang for the buck.”

“We have a lot of highlights in the agriculture area”, says Stokes. “More and more farmers are adopting ways to be more water quality savvy, but my concern is that it’s not enough.”

Prichard says his third focus this year will be on economic development and finding ways to make better jobs available to those in the state of Iowa.

“A lot of Iowans are having a hard time making ends meet,” says Prichard. “We need to find a way to increase their income and bring more jobs to the state.”

Stokes on the other hand says she is looking to better mental health.

“The Board of Education and the The department of health to work on a federal grant to try and make a difference in schools,” she says. “We need to take that and look at how we can implement it on a more adult level.”

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