Tracking Carp in local lakes

tracking carp

FREEBORN COUNTY- The Shell Rock River Watershed District is teaming up with CARP SOLUTIONS to track all the carp living in their lakes.

Carp is a type of freshwater fish are degrading lake habitat that native fish and wildlife need. CARP SOLUTIONS is tracking where the fish is in Fountain Lake and State Line Lake.

They are surgically implanting radio transmitters into the fish.

It’s a way for the watershed district to see where the problem is coming from.

“Every lake and every watershed is different and you need to know firsthand where they are in the lake,” said Jordan Wein, General Manager for CARP SOLUTIONS. “Tracking these fish helps us see what is happening with the fish and where they’re moving and where they’re reproducing.”

The Carp that have radio transmitters will be tracked throughout the winter months.

For more information on CARP SOLUTIONS you can find it here:



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