Early voting count


MASON CITY, Iowa- Places like courthouses and county auditor offices around the area continue to stay busy with early voters.

Deputy auditor for Cerro Gordo County Sandi Shonka said as of Friday, a total of 5,464 ballots have been returned or mailed, which is almost 900 ballots down from this time four years ago.

“What I find interesting is when you break that up, as far in-person voting, we’re up 341 [ballots],” said Shonka. “But for the voters by mail, we’re down by almost 1,200 [ballots].

Shonka said last week, more people every day continued to come in to vote early. She said she thinks it’s going to only get busier with early voters until the 2016 General Election.

As of Monday in Olmsted County, there have been 10,158 in-person or mailed ballots. In Freeborn County, there have been 2,144 in-person or mailed ballots. In Winnebago County, there have been 1,166 in-person or mailed ballots. In Floyd County, there have been 2,466 in-person or mailed ballots.


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