Election 2016 preview: Minnesota House District 25A


ROCHESTER, Minn. – In just two weeks, voters will be heading to the polls to cast their ballots, but before they do, we at KIMT are aiming to be the Election 2016 resource by highlighting state and local races.

On November 8th, voters living in Minnesota’s 25th District will see incumbent Republican Rep. Duane Quam and DLFer Linda Walbruch on their ballots for House District 25A.

Rep. Quam is from Byron and has served in this position since 2010.

“I’m more of a problem solver in my real-life job, and there are a lot of problems we need solve,” Quam explains. “I think having a little bit more of diversity of having a science-type person in there is useful.”

He is being challenged by newcomer Walbruch, who taught in the Kasson-Mantorville School District for 40 years.

“As a teacher you’re always wanting to be able to make a difference,” Walbruch says. “I retired in the spring of 2015 and just felt like now is the time to step up and do that.”

We asked both candidates about which issues they’d be focusing on if elected.

“I think I can be a champion for our education for our young people and their needs for affordable housing, for affordable healthcare, for an equitable living wage,” explains Walbruch who says she will also be committed to building a consensus should she head to St. Paul next session.

Rep. Quam says there are several key issues that are important to him and his constitutes.

“Finishing Hwy 14, that project got started before I was born, it would be nice to finish it, that and the other transportation things,” he says. “Healthcare and trying to see why we’re increasing it twice the rate of the national average. Then, the employment; making sure that we have the right skills for our students for the careers that they’re going to have to take and work in the future.”

Both Quam and Walbruch participated in a forum on Monday hosted by the Rochester League of Women Voters.

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