Entrepreneur for a Day


RICEVILLE, Iowa- Riceville Elementary held an Entrepreneur for a Day program for the fifth grade students on Monday.

North Iowa Area Community College Entrepreneurial Coordinator Kelly Crane said students are participating in activities learning about being a job creator compared to taking a job at a business.

Crane said the younger a person is, the stronger the ability to take risks. She said it’s important to let students know all of their career options now, so children with passions or dreams know it’s possible to be your own boss.

“These young people are like sponges, so they’re ready to listen and try news things,” said Crane. “The first step of entrepreneurial education in the classroom.”

Brady Wilberding, 4th grader at Riceville Elementary, said he knows being your own boss could be a lot of work but he said he was soaking all of the information in, as he already is an entrepreneur himself. “This summer I started a lawn mowing business uptown and now they actually want us to rake the leaves.”

Wilberding said his class came up with their own business ideas and learned how to manage them. He said he thought of being a farmer. “[I would] build my house, make sure that’s paid for, buy some land and make sure to put a loan in the bank and pay that off every month.”

Crane said the class also learned about how important it is communicate effectively with others. “If you were an entrepreneur or owned your own business,” said Crane, “you would need to be able to share that information with your employees and your teams, so these are just little skills that they can evolve and develop to help them as they move forward in life.”

Crane said the Entrepreneur for a Day is a two session program. She said students will go to NIACC in Mason City on Nov. 1 to do hands-on activities such as creating their own businesses out of Play-Doh.


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