Election 2016 preview: U.S. Representative District 4


MASON CITY, Iowa – U.S. Congressman Steve King and his opponent Kim Weaver answered three questions for us days before the election.

Topics included bio fuel regulation reports, how well they’d work with the opposing party if elected, and immigration.

“Secure the border, build a fence, wall, and a fence on the southern border and get a return on that investment and insure that our sovereignty is protected and people respect the rule of law in America,” Steve King said.

“Actually I would propose comprehensive immigrant reform with a path to citizenship this is based on the American Farm Bureau’s stand. It is one of their priority legislative planks,” Kim Weaver said.

When asked if they’d work with the opposing party if elected King and Weaver had opposite answers.

“I would work with the other party, in Congress as well, and just make sure there’s work on some bi-partisan issues, so we can get the best legislation passed for Iowans as well as United States citizens,” Weaver said.

“It will be a difficult task.  It’s been a difficult task over the last eight years. We can only anticipate what might be if it happens to be a Hillary President, right now it looks to me like Donald Trump is going to win Iowa,” King said.

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