Red Ribbon Week


MASON CITY, Iowa – Faculty and students at Jefferson Elementary school are learning how to make good decisions by participating in a nationwide campaign to be drug free in a fun, unique way.

Drugs have taken the lives of many adults and youth but this week The National Red Ribbon Campaign is kicking off to help prevent such tragedies.

This year’s theme is Y.O.L.O. “You Only Live Once” and 4th grade student ambassadors are learning the true meaning of it.

“I just learned that you only live once and that if you do drugs you could get hurt and it’s just bad to do drugs,” says Machaela Trask, Student.

Principal Lindsey Millsap has worked with the students during the planning of the campaign over the years and has seen progress.

“And the research has shown that parents that talk to their children about drug use were about 42% less likely to use drugs,” says Millsap.

And students have learned the risks of what using drugs can do as well.

“If you drink drugs then you can get in accidents and if you do, you could kill someone and hurt someone,” says Brooklynn Young, Student.

As for Lindsey, she says she is hopeful the red ribbon week will continue to have a lasting impact on students.

“I think it just increases great conversations between children and their parents when they go home, you know this is the theme for today, parents are planning out children’s outfits they can talk about saying no to drugs.”

Throughout this week, students will participate in a different themes to help raise awareness.

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