Golden Apple: Mark Jenkins


FOREST CITY, Iowa – Career and technology education teacher Mark Jenkins has been teaching 11 prep courses for six years at Forest City High School.

He’s helped many students like Jordan Spooner to be successful.

“He’s always there for you whenever I’m having a bad day or something you can come in study hall and hang out with him and he automatically gives you a positive attitude right from there,” says Spooner.

Although Jenkins is known for his laid back personality, he makes sure his students learn beneficial skill sets to help prepare them for their future.

“Employability skills is one of the number one things that I try to teach. They have to be on time, they have to do quality work, and they have to be responsible for their own work,” says Jenkins.

“I’m interested in engineering stuff and I took engineering one last year and that class was really fun with him and Mr. Meyer and I think that’s really pushed me to become a construction engineer,” says Spooner.

As for Jenkins, he says it’s a humbling experience to know he is impacting his students.

“Coming to school every day for me anyway — that’s a reward enough. Seeing and watching the students learn and building on their skills that they’re being taught,” says Jenkins.



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