New bike trail in Mower County


AUSTIN, Minn.- Many cities in North Iowa and Southern Minnesota are trying to get their residents to stay healthy by being a part of the Blue Zone Projects and offering fitness activities.

After months of planning on adding a bike trail to the city, the Mower County Board is finally making their decision.

The Shooting Star Trail will be along Highway 56 between County Roads 52 and 58.

The trail will leave Rose Creek and will connect to Austin near the Austin Country Club.

Mayor Tom Stiehm believes this is the best fit for bikers in Austin and those surrounding the city because it’ll give them the opportunity to come into Austin easier.

“It’ll make us more of a hub for people and it’ll bring more people to Austin and the people in Austin will have more ways to get out of town and do things on their bikes instead of just driving around town,” said Stiehm.

They are also hoping to connect with trails in Albert Lea through their new trail. This project is expected to start sometime time in 2017.


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