Preparing for the winter


KIMT News 3 – For some the colder weather is unwelcome, and the VFW in Garner is trying to help those who served our country stay warm this winter season.

“We are very passionate about supporting our veterans and there are a lot of veterans out there that need things, they need a lot of things,” Post 5515 Auxiliary President Connie Heinen said.

That includes jackets, coats, sweaters and more winter gear. So, they’re holding a clothing drive to collect those items.

“The items will go to FAVA in Forest City which supports veterans, and also to Des Moines,” Heinen said.

For those who are feeling the cold now, the furnace may have kicked on already. Although gas prices may not have changed much since last winter, you could be paying more to heat your home.

“It will cost customers more money this year to heat their homes then it will last year and that’s simply because it’s expected to be colder,” Alliant Energy spokesperson Justin Foss said. “And the colder it gets the more energy that you use, the more natural gas you use to heat your home.”

But no matter when you turn your heat on, it may be time to remember that some people don’t always have that option and may need a little help from the community.

“We have a lot veterans that are home, that are currently serving,” Heinen said. “These guys put their lives on the line and a lot of them have a lot of disabilities and you just have to open your hearts to them.”

You can drop off winter wear at the Garner VFW through November 11th.

If you’re looking for ways to use less heat, Alliant has several rebate programs to help with insulating your home or having your furnace inspected. You can find those at

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