Election 2016 preview: Minnesota House District 27B


AUSTIN, Minn. – Election Day is right around the corner. On Wednesday, our Minnesota race preview is the spot for Minnesota House 27B.

Republican Dennis Schminke is challenging DFL State Rep. Jeanne Poppe.

KIMT spoke to both candidates about their campaigns and their top priorities.

Schminke stresses the importance of holding state officials accountable while Poppe agrees.

“I ended up in a different spot than where I started,” said Schminke. “This election needs to be about accountability. Accountability for some of the actions that happened in past sessions.”

“We’ve had some chaos and unfortunately we haven’t been able to make bills happen,” said Poppe. “That’s something that concerns me so I really like to see some legislative reform and making sure that we change some rules internally.”

They both want to make decisions that impact District 27B.

“I like to be a problem solver and that’s a big part of what this job is,” said Poppe. “So as much as we go to meetings and make decisions on behalf of the people of the district, we also want to solve problems and that’s an important part for me.”

“We want to do a good job with a school systems — we have a constitutional mandate for taking care of transportation issues,” said Schminke. “I think the state has a real place for taking care of vulnerable Minnesotans who can’t look after themselves.”

Both of these candidates are excited that Election Day is less than two weeks away but know the importance of continuing to get out and spread their message.


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