Local students start healthy ‘Snack Shack’


CLEAR LAKE, Iowa – Local students at Clear Lake High School will now have healthier options to choose from thanks to a partnership with a local organization.

The Cerro Gordo Department of Public Health and Clear Lake’s highs school nurse came up with the idea to incorporate healthy snacks after school, giving students in the entrepreneurial class the opportunity to manage the Snack Shack.

“You know one of our tasks is to educate the kids first, so that’s what we’re trying to tackle now from a marketing standpoint, teaching kids that there is nutritional value to what we’re offering,” says business teacher Seth Thompson.

“It is a class where you learn about yourself and how to take risks in the new world because there’s more out there than just high school obviously,” says student Thomas Storbeck.

Not only are students learning, student athletes will be fueled for practice.

Noah Copney, a senior and student athlete, is looking forward to frequenting the Snack Shack.

“Sports are important obviously and having the right thing in you is going to help your performance, so I guess that’s the biggest part,” says Copney.

“I think a lot of the products focus on protein because that’s probably the one that kids lack the most,” says Thompson.

Registered dietician Katelyn Nicholson took the initiative to make sure students are eating the right snacks.

“I know when I was in high school, you know you’re more naturally fit and healthy and you don’t think so much about the consequences of your choices, so I think if those options are available there, just as convenient and easy and the kids also like, they’re going to go for them,” says Nicholson.

And Seth says he is hopeful this project will continue for sports seasons to come.

“So we’re just looking for a way to create a scenario where we can be self-sustaining and the money that we make can be used to buy more products to make more products available to the students,” says Thompson.

The Snack Shack will be open next week for students to purchase items.

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