‘No, I’m Not a Terrorist’


FOREST CITY, Iowa – Waldorf University got a special guest speaker Wednesday evening in hopes of making sure these students understand that the world is full of diversity.

They welcomed Zohra Sarwari. She’s published 14 books and three homeschooling curricula.

She travels all around the world giving presentations like this one, titled “No, I’m Not a Terrorist.”

It’s a powerful message and she hopes these students understand the many challenges she faces daily by simply being a Muslim.

“Islam means peace and that’s actually what it stands for and Muslims shouldn’t be feared,” said Sarwari. “We are more alike than we are different and I want to show that from context from the books and from also how we live around the world versus what we’re portrayed as.”

Sarwari simply wants to have more people understand and be more accepting of all the different races, religions and backgrounds that people come from.

She has only received positive feedback from the audience at her presentation.

“I have not had one negative feedback and I think it’s because I am very open to listen to everyone’s opinions, their ideology and their information,” said Sarwari. “It’s not just listening, but explaining to them my perspective and at the end if we disagree, I say we can agree to disagree and still live in peace.”

For more information Sarwari has a blog at muslimwomanspeaker.com and a YouTube page: zohrasarwari

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