Osage officials warning drivers to be aware of bus stops


OSAGE, Iowa – School has been in session for about 2 months already and in Osage, the police and school district are reminding drivers to be cautious around bus stops like the one behind me.

This year Osage has reduced the number of bus stops in the city.

“We just have certain stops around town so from 50-some stops down to 21 stops this year,” Superintendent Barb Schwamman said.

And although there haven’t been an overwhelming number of bus stop violations, there have been a few.

“One is too many,” Transportation Director Bob Meyer said. “Anytime those yellows come on you know that there’s going to be a student involved, and when the reds come on you know for fact that there’s a student involved.”

That’s the message from the police department too. A first offense will get you a 250 to 675 dollar fine plus 30 day suspended license. A second offense is 315 to 1875 dollars plus 90 days suspended license.

“The procedure is that a school bus driver will report that and then we will let law enforcement know,” Schwamman said. “We do have video cameras on all of our buses.”

And the warnings are there, it works just like a stop light.

“When we pick kids up we hit the yellows first which should be a real good warning to people that yes the reds will be next,” Meyer said.

Once the reds come on and the stop sign is out, there is no passing a school bus because kids will be walking near the bus.

“Our number one focus, we want all of our kids to be safe getting on the bus, riding the bus and getting off the bus again,” Schwamman said.

Osage police say they issue the citation to the driver, if they can identify them in the video, or to the registered owner of the car.

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