Three highly decorated wrestlers talk religion


MASON CITY, Iowa- Brandon Slay is an Olympic gold medalist, Travis and Trent Paulson both wrestled at Iowa State and are now assistant coaches with a number of titles under their belts as well. Thursday, however, was how they got to their accomplishments and the roles their faith played in their journey to success.

With hundreds of people in the audience, Slay said he knows most of them are not wrestlers, or even athletes, but says faith can be used in everyday life.

“If I’m gonna believe in this religion of Christina that my grandma believed I want to read about it learn about,” says Slay. “It me through a big full circle of learning about Islam and Buddhism and Hinduism and everything and brought me all the way back to Christianity. Christianity is the only one that’s a savior and I realize I can save myself.”

Slay says it did take him a while to find his way back to religion because he grew up around it.

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