Winter coat drive for families in need


MASON CITY, Iowa – Kids in North Iowa will now have the opportunity to receive new winter wear, thanks to a local program and generous donors.

The North Iowa Community Action Headstart started “The Adopt a Child Program” back in the 1990’s in an effort to provide new winter wear to children.

“Often we saw kids come in with older things or maybe things that were too small or they received the secondhand things,” says Paulette Webb, Family Partnership Specialist.

Over the years, local organizations have played a significant role in the program by donating funds.

“We have what we call a denim day one Friday a month and any of the home care employees that want to wear blue jeans that day, they have to donate at least five dollars. Some donate more than that,” says Connie Morrison, Director of Mercy Home Care.

Tammy Camm, Store Manager at Younkers in Mason City, has worked with Paulette and helps provide at least 100 winter coats per year for local families.

“Nine years we’ve really built a great relationship, so she’s able to just email me and make a request of “I may need this many boots and coats and snow pants” and we’re able to do some of that legwork before she even gets here,” says Camm.

“I mean we have parents that are so thankful, grateful for the help, you know, it does take that ease off of their budget by not having to go purchase that for at least, you know, one of their children,” says Paulette.

And Connie says making a lasting impact in the community is what keeps her going.

“I think being home care we are in people’s homes and we see what their home life is like and deal with that, so it just makes us all that more passionate about trying to help the people in our community.”

“We all do our part so it’s important that we all do our part, whatever our role it might be and make sure that we can benefit anyone,” says Camm.

If you would like to donate winter clothing you may drop items off at the North Iowa Community Action Organization.

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