Kids learn science experiments from older mentors


AUSTIN, Minn.- Students at Neveln Elementary School are getting a unique science lesson with some help from older mentors.

On Friday, third graders from were at Riverland Community College to learn different science experiments. It’s all a part of their Science Project Mentorship.

“We need to influence future generations of scientists,” said Catherine Haslag, Riverland Community College.

It’s also an opportunity to spark an interest in science.

“It’s important to introduce kids to science and the different aspects of science because in any career field you go into there is science in everything you use every day,” said Elizabeth Leger, Student at Riverland Community College.

You never know if one of these students will fall in love with science.

“All the students that are going to be here today could one day be doctors or nurses or research scientists for the Hormel Institute and we want them to understand that those opportunities are open to them,” said Haslag.

These students will participate in three experiments: hand washing, making slime and camouflage and coloration, when they have to pick out certain types of seeds from the pile.

However, it’s not just the younger students who are learning.

“I like to see how excited kids get about simple, little experiments that we wouldn’t necessarily think would be exciting but they jump right in and are excited,” said Leger. “It’s just hands-on learning that gets them excited about it and they pay attention too because they’re a little bit more interested in it.”

At the end of the day it’s about opening up their eyes to the endless opportunities science provides.

“We want them to get fired up and excited about science and understand that it’s not a seven letter word,” said Haslag. “It’s a fun thing to do and it’s got lots of opportunities and possibilities for them and we want them to see that the world is open to them in those areas


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