Halloween safety tips


CLEAR LAKE, Iowa – Clear Lake Police Officer Ryan Eskildsen provided some tips on how to stay safe while having fun on Halloween.

Eskildsen said since a lot of families will be out at once on Halloween, traffic is important to be cautious of. He said both drivers and people trick-or-treating need to be careful. He recommends wearing reflective clothing or having a flashlight when it’s dark.

“Obviously kids, they’ve got one thing on their mind, candy (on Halloween),” said Eskildsen. “So sometimes they’re not looking out for traffic as much as they would be normally, so it’s just important for motorists to be a little bit more aware that there’s going to be a lot of kids running around.”

Eskildsen said people trick-or-treating should remember to go to houses that are lit up and check all candy to make sure nothing looks suspicious.

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