Halloween spending


CLEAR LAKE, Iowa – More than $3 billion is expected to be spent on costumes for Halloween, according to the National Retail Federation annual survey.

But it’s not just costumes people are spending cash on this holiday. Nearly 200 million families plan on celebrating Halloween this year, spending an average of about hundred dollars on items like candy or decorations.

Christine Prohaska of Kansas City visited her hometown Clear Lake with her family for Halloween. She said her children were dressed up in costumes for the Clear Lake Halloween parade on Saturday.

“We’ve got three ninjas and a Japanese princess.”

Prohaska said her four children love celebrating Halloween, so she said it’s important their family celebrates the holiday together. She said Halloween shopping isn’t necessarily cheap, though.

“We looked at several different options. The top option that the kids wanted was roughly $50 per costume, and we decided that’s not what we didn’t want to go with,” said Prohaska. “We decided to go with costumes that were around $25 to $35 per costume.”

It’s not just costumes that people get excited to purchase during this time of the year. Prohaska said she spent hundreds of dollars on Halloween decorations this year for the yard.

“We have lights, we have pumpkins, I re-did the flowers outside and then there will be things that go up last minute, like the spider webs and such.”

Prohaska said decorating and trick-or-treating with the children is fun because everyone gets to do it together. She said because they have plans to go trick-or-treating with the kids Monday, they haven’t purchased any candy yet to hand out. She said if someone ends up staying behind, they’ll probably end up purchasing about a hundred dollars worth of candy.



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