Staying safe on Halloween


ROCHESTER, Minn-  A Halloween parade was held in Rochester on Sunday at the United Way parking lot.

Shelly Walker of Rochester said while Halloween is about having fun with friends and getting candy, it’s easy to get distracted and forget about safety.

Walker said during the holiday, she reminds her children more than once about safety.

“Holding hands across the street, of course looking both ways — we don’t let them get too far ahead of us either.”

She said it’s important to check candy to make sure nothing looks suspicious.

“I remember growing up as a kid, with our pillow cases full of candy and my mom would make us pour it all out and doing the air test, squeezing the candy before you eat,” said Walker. “We talk about that too, before we ingest or let her eat any.”

John Flottmeyer of Rochester said when he trick-or-treats with his kids, they start while it’s light outside. He said if it gets dark, it’s not a problem, though.

“(I) try putting on some kind of glowing stuff around (the kids),” Flottmeyer said. “They snap glow sticks.”


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