Downtown Marriott Hotel project misses deadline


MASON CITY, Iowa – Mason City leaders say Oct. 31st is the deadline for G8 Development to break ground on the downtown Marriott Hotel project.

City leaders say the owner of G8 Development, Philip Chodur, has not been able to secure the funding or the performance bond. City Administrator Brent Trout says Chodur needs the funds before he can apply for the performance bond, but says it is pretty simple to secure once you have the proper funding.

Trout says they have sent a letter to Chodur explaining G8 Development is in violation of the agreement with the city of Mason City. He says G8 Development still has 30 days to remedy the situation.

“We are going to give them until Nov. 30 per the contract,” says Trout. “We will support Chodur in being successful with the project, and if he is not, we will address that when the time comes.”

The hotel project was key portion of the downtown redevelopment project.

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