Elaborate costume comes to life


CLEAR LAKE, Iowa – Deciding what you want to be for Halloween can be a difficult decision for some. But one local family took it to an extreme and brought a four-legged creature to life.

After seeing a video of a spirit walker on Facebook, Chuck Myers of Clear Lake knew then that he had found inspiration for his own Halloween costume.

But it was his wife Angela that made Chuck’s idea come to life.

“I just saw it and I thought that’s really cool, I’d like to do that — but I knew that I would never get around to doing it, but she took it on and said I think we can make that,” says Chuck.

After about a month and a half, 50 bucks spent on supplies and over 30 hours of work, Angela was able to build the Halloween costume.

“The prep was because he’s on crutches and stilts, so it was putting that on then figuring out how we wanted it to look,” says Angela.

Chuck entered Star 106’s Boogie Spooktacular Halloween costume contest on Saturday at The Surf Ballroom and placed third.

“Everybody at the Surf was coming up to me, they didn’t know what I was, hundreds of people wanted to take pictures with me and it was a lot of fun,” says Chuck.

Chuck says if there is a downside to his costume, it’s that it takes a while to put it on.

“Putting it on is quite a challenge. I just have to stand there, my wife had to put it all on me and I have to stand to strap it all in and it takes about 20 minutes to get the legs on — everything else takes a couple minutes.”



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