Last minute push for votes


ROCHESTER, Minn. – It is getting down to the wire.  In one week the chaos of this years election cycle will be wrapping up. Over the next several days, candidates are busy with last-minute campaign efforts.

On Monday, U.S. Rep. Tim Walz (DFL) stopped by the Rochester DFL command center to make some phone calls to potential voters. The Congressman is hoping to serve another term in the House representing Minnesota’s 1st Congressional District, which spans southern Minnesota.

He says by now, most people have pretty much decided on who they’ll be voting for, so his phone calls Monday were focused on making sure people actually get out to cast those votes.

“I’ve always said how you run campaigns, and how hard you work, how effective you are, the resources you raise and all of that, it’s like running a small business. Are you doing it right for outcomes, and this is now kind of the outcome of getting that done,” Walz explains.

This past weekend his challenger, Republican Jim Hagedorn, was out in Rochester knocking on doors and meeting voters along with some other local GOP candidates. Hagedorn tells us that getting out and talking to people in the district has taught him a lot.

“I remember one time being at the Houston County fair, someone came up and said, “to help people who have college debt, we should let parents and others pay for education, with pre-tax dollars,” and I said, “that’s a great idea.” So that’s now part of my campaign, it’s something I’d like to do in Washington. You pick up a lot of things, you learn a lot of things and if you stay connected with people, you’ll be a better representative of the people, I believe that,” says Hagedorn.

Later this week, we will be bringing you a preview of the race for Minnesota’s 1st Congressional District.

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