Silent witnesses to domestic violence


CRESCO – What you see isn’t just a piece of paper with a story on it. It’s not meant to just be a piece of wood, the silhouette represents a life.

“All of our silent witnesses are victims from Iowa.  What that does is it connects people with the victim, lets them know that it can happen here, it can happen in our community not something that happens somewhere else,” Trish Johnson, an Bilingual Domestic Abuse Advocate for Bremer and Howard County said.

They are set up in places around Cresco.

“I’ve had countless people, friends, family members that have gone through domestic violence and I just want people to know there are people out there and it’s probably more critical now then it’s ever been,” Liz Klemish, manager of Liza & Co. in Cresco said.

Klimesh said the silent silhouettes had plenty of people talking in her hair salon.

“I think that most of the time they read the story and were like “Oh my gosh I didn’t know that.”  They then read the statistics and see how high it was,” Klemish said.

Johnson explains the project started in 1990.  It’s done nationally and internationally to keep domestic violence off the silent track.

“Even though their life ended tragically they can go on to help somebody else get help,” Johnson said.

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