Iowa Youth Straw Poll


CLEAR LAKE, Iowa – Students across the state of Iowa participated in the Iowa Youth Straw Poll on November 1 to get kids thinking about our future leaders and how it will impact their lives.

“I think it’s important for kids to develop opinions about political issues that are happening all around us everyday.” said  Andrew Crane, 8th grader at Clear Lake Middle School.

Crane said it’s great his 8th grade social studies class has the opportunity to participate in the Poll. The statewide program allows middle school students to vote, just like adults will in a week.

“They get to vote using their opinion on who they like best,” said Angela Faber, social studies teacher at Clear Lake Middle School.

A lot of students knew exactly who they were going to vote for. “I had to go for Trump because of his views,” said Crane. “I don’t really like his personality but Trump, he’s going down the right path.”

Nearly 65 percent of 8th graders at Clear Lake Middle  School voted for the Trump and Pence ticket. Almost 30 percent voted for Clinton and Kaine.

Clear Lake Middle School 8th grade student Alyssa Bolling said Clinton may not have won the race at her school, but her position won’t change. “I voted for her because she’s more of someone who will be with you on your side, if you decide to make an important life choice.”

Crane said not only does the opportunity to vote in class help prepare students for the future, but he said it could help predict who may win in the state of Iowa. He said if a majority of kids vote one way, he believed parents are more likely to vote that way too.

“Parents have a huge say in the household so with what’s coming out of their mouths are kind of reflecting on their kids,” said Crane.

Students also voiced their opinions on other statewide races. Statewide, Trump beat out Clinton by about 10 percent. In the race for the United States Senate, Grassley received most of the votes.


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