Republicans do well in student straw poll


DES MOINES, Iowa – The real vote is a week away but over 57,000 students got a chance to cast their ballot Tuesday in the Iowa Youth Straw Poll.

More than 250 schools around the state took park and the results as of 6:45 pm are as follows:

U.S. PRESIDENTstraw-poll

Donald Trump-46%

Hillary Clinton-36%

Gary Johnson-7%



Charles Grassley-62%

Patty Judge-25%

Charles Aldrich-5%

Jim Hennager-5%



Rod Blum-59%

Monica Vernon-41%

More than 12,200 votes cast


U.S. HOUSE-DISTRICT 4straw-poll2

Steve King-75%

Kim Weaver-25%

More than 11,950 votes cast

“I think it was a great opportunity for them to see first-hand how the process works. It also gives them a running start for the next election cycle and also receive a little tutoring at the same time, so they’ll have a good base of knowledge for Iowa’s elections process,” said Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate. “I hope this fired them up and will also spur them to encourage their parents, neighbors and friends to get out and vote.”

Complete results are available here.

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