Constitutional Amendment on MN ballots


KIMT News 3- Voters in Minnesota will see something a little different on their ballots next week.

Minnesota residents will see a proposed Constitutional Amendment and they’ll have the option of either voting yes or no. If the amendment passes then the Minnesota Constitution will remove state lawmakers’ power to set their own salaries.

This will leave a citizens-only council to decide how much legislators get paid.

Political Analyst, Dr. Eric Shoars, says this can be a good thing for residents.

“The legislators wouldn’t be able to vote themselves a pay raise,” said Dr. Shoars. “It would be a third party that would determine. So that also lets the Legislature off the hook because then nobody can get mad at them if they get a pay raise.”

Shoars says there are also some negative effects if they don’t determine their own salary.

“We have elected officials that represent us and if they don’t take the actions that we want them to take or if they don’t vote the way we want them to vote, we always have the option of voting them out next time around,” said Dr. Shoars. “That’s one of the things with voting themselves a pay raise is we can hold them accountable.”

However, if you choose not to fill in the yes or no bubble on the ballot then your vote will be considered a no.

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