Local Option Sales Tax on ballots


ALBERT LEA, Minn.- With Election Day less than a week away many people are hoping their candidates win while some hope certain issues get passed.

This includes Local Option Sales Tax the for the Shell Rock Watershed District’s Water Management Plan.

16 years ago The Minnesota Legislatures approved this sales tax and residents in Albert Lea agreed to help fund it as well.

On November 8th, it will be up for approval once again.

You can either vote yes or no to extend the existing one-half percent sales tax, but those helping the cause think it’ll pass.

“It is one of the best funding mechanisms that we can really have here in our area because the lakes are the heart of our community and putting our Local Options Sales Tax to that use is great,” said Laura Cunningham of Albert Lea. “I think the community agrees that that is very vital and important.”

She says Albert Lea is known for having great lakes with quality water and believes this sales tax is part of the reason why.

“I think when you think about the community of Albert Lea the lakes are at the heart of the town and there are so many people that enjoy them for whatever purpose they choose,” said Cunningham. “It might be fishing or for recreation. We have a lot of people who just utilize the walking path around our lake.”

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