No plans to expand to 45/15 school calendar


ROCHESTER, Minn. – After gathering feedback from parents and staff, the Rochester school district seems to have made the decision not to look into expanding it’s 45/15 school calendar. With the 45/15 calendar, students attend school for 45 days followed by 15 day breaks year round. Right now, Longfellow Elementary is the only school in the district that uses the model.

For the past three months a stakeholder group has been collecting information and input and presented their finding to the school board Tuesday night.

Superintendent Michael Muñoz says they really didn’t find any research that suggested the calendar would have a huge impact on student achievement. Not to mention, there just wasn’t enough support across the district to warrant expanding 45/15.

“The board and myself and the other district administrators really have to look at the wider picture and decide what is in best interest of all of our students, and I think when they looked at all the facts and the feedback it just didn’t really make sense to look at expanding 45/15,” Muñoz says.

He says they did consider three options; not expanding at all, expand Longfellow Elementary into a K-8 facility, and create a “feeder pattern” where elementary, middle and high schools were all on the 45/15 calendar.

During the next meeting, the school board is expected to take action on a resolution that would make the decision not to expand 45/15 official.


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