Teens arrested after allegedly damaging vehicles in Mason City


MASON CITY, Iowa – Mason City police say two teens were arrested Wednesday for allegedly damaging several vehicles parked in the Highlands.

The 15- and 16-year-old boys appear to have damaged at least three vehicles that were dented or had windows broken. According to a Police Department news release, combined damage is easily over $1,000.

Both boys were arrested in the 1500 block of North Hampshire Avenue. They arrested the 16-year-old outside the a home around 3 a.m. and the 15-year-old inside around 4 a.m.

Officers contacted the 15-year-old’s parents and asked that one of them come home. The parent was reportedly cooperative and police then took boy into custody.

Most of the damage appears to be in the same area of the home as well as the 700 block of 15th Place NE. No one else is being sought.

Both teens have been charged with unlawful consumption, second-, third- and fourth-degree criminal mischief. The 16-year-old was released to Juvenile Court Services and the 15-year-old was released to a parent.


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