Another attempted child abduction in Algona


ALGONA, Iowa – “The first thing is you think this isn’t going to happen this is Algona, Iowa it’s a pretty safe community.  Everybody kind of knows everybody,” Grimm said.

She received a text from Algona schools about another attempted child abduction occurred early Thursday morning.

“You’re just mad, why would they come here and do this,” Grimm said.

Algona Police say a male student on his way to school around seven this morning was followed by a male in a silver minivan with black trim.  Offered the boy money, the student declined.  Seconds later, the man in the van came out wearing a ski mask and black hoodie, grabbed him they claim.

“There’s a lot of concern obviously. The number one is we don’t want any child to go through an abduction, family to deal with that, community to deal with that also,” Chief Kendall Pals with Algona Police said.

Pals says the boy escaped from the grip and the man took off in the vehicle.  Once the student got to school he told staff.  Chief Pals says the young man did a lot right when handling the scary situation.

“He didn’t apparently engage in any conversation other than declining the offer, continued to walk away from it, and picked up the pace,” Chief Pals said.

A similar situation happened last week.  Several girls were approached by a male offering them money.  That situation matched up to ones happening across Iowa.

Grimm’s trying to do her part too.  She has been talking to her daughter and son about strangers and how dangerous the outside world can sometimes be.

“You want her to respect elders and but you also want her to be aware not everybody’s nice in this world. That there are bad people; again you don’t want to frighten her,” Grimm said.

The superintendent of Algona schools says they’re making extra efforts in classrooms to talk about stranger danger and sending out emails and flyers to parents to make sure they know what’s been going on.

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