Attempted child abduction in Algona


KIMT News 3 – Parents sending their children to Algona schools received a text this morning from the school district saying another attempted child abduction occured.

The text sent to parents read “An attempted abduction similar to last week has been reported this morning. Silver car/black trim offering a child money to get into the car.”

The Algona police chiek says the suspect was described as wearing a ski mask.

District Superintendent Marty Fonley says around 7:00 am, a student reported that someone had offered him money, and the incident was reported to the police. Officers have confirmed a student was walking to school when a silver minivan pulled up behind him. The driver offered the child $200 to get in the van. Police say when the child refused, the driver exited the vehicle and grabbed him. After a brief struggle, the driver got back in the van and took off.

The district has talked with students about the dangers of accepting a ride from a stranger after a group of 7-year-old girls were offered money to enter a man’s vehicle. In that case, officers were on the look out for a gray car with a black stripe along the bottom.


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