Donating to murdered Des Moines area officers


MASON CITY, Iowa-  If you’re looking to help the families of the Des Moines area officers that were shot and killed Wednesday, make sure to do it carefully.

Des Moines Police tell KIMT News 3 any GoFundMe accounts accounts made for the officers are not being handled by the police stations or families.

People interested in supporting the families of the officers can donate directly to the Des Moines Police Officers’ Credit Union on Square.

Mason City Police officer and crime prevention coordinator Jeremy Ryal said whenever a person donates money online, make sure to look for the credentials of the actual organization that you’re looking to donate to, on the website.

“So like in this case, [check] directly with the police department,” said Ryal. “Check with what they recommend because they will obviously want to support their officers families in any way they can. And they’re going want to make sure those funds come to the place that people intend them to come to.”


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