Game 7 has local impact


MASON CITY, Iowa- While the Chicago Cubs are taking on the Cleveland Indians in a historic game 7 of the World Series, local businesses are seeing a huge impact from the game.

“I like to see different teams in the series,” says Buck Retterath of Mason City.

Retterath is a long time Twins fan and says he will not be jumping on any bandwagons to support either the Cubs or Indians, but many people are.

“Usually by this time every year I’m selling about 90% football stuff,” says Rick Larson owner of Larson Red Zone Sports.

But this trend didn’t start this series, or even this year.

“It probably started last year when the cubs were doing really well; people wanted all of the rookie cards and the “W” flags,” says Larson. “My baseball sales are still surpassing my football sales, which never happens.”

It wasn’t just Cubs memorabilia flying off the shelves. Larson says he hard a difficult time even getting Indians merchandise.

“I was able to get a few things in, but i didn’t get half of what I ordered.” he says. “This trend will probably go into the holiday season.”

Those like Larson and Retterath that love the game of baseball agree regardless of who wins, history is going to be made.

“I hope it’s a close game all the way through to make it exciting for everybody to watch,” says Retterath.

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