Iowa politicians react to Des Moines shooting


KIMT News 3 – Many are still looking for answers after shootings in Des Moines took the lives of two police officers on Wednesday and politicians are expressing their grief as well. Iowa Governor Terry Branstad spent the morning campaigning across North Iowa but that doesn’t mean the officers and communities aren’t in his thoughts – saying this is the time to come together and support law enforcement.

“They risk their lives every day to protect us and our safety and they need to have our respect and support,” Branstad said. “We’re going to do everything we can to try to prevent these kinds of things from ever happening again.”

U.S. Representative Dave Loebsack says he was shocked to hear the news.

“It’s a real tragedy and hopefully it gets resolved sooner rather than later,” Loebsack said. “It’s certainly not something we expected in Iowa and so it was a real shock to say the least.”

Branstad agreed, adding that attacks on law enforcement can happen anywhere, but it’s still upsetting to have it happen in Iowa.

“We are one of the safest states in the country but even tragedies like this can happen in Iowa,” he said.

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