New data shows millennials make up large portion of coffee drinkers


MASON CITY, Iowa – According the the National Coffee Association, the average adult drinks about three cups of coffee a day, and new data shows the majority of those enjoying a cup of joe are millennials, or adults aged 19-34.

“I never drank coffee before I started college — now I live on it,” says Montana McNamara of Garner.

McNamara is a freshman in college and says sometimes she just needs that little extra pick-me-up throughout her day.

“I have a long drive and on the way here I’ll be super tired and falling asleep and I can’t have that while I’m driving and I need to stay awake during classes so I can pay attention,” she says.

Local business say this trend is starting even younger than that.

“We have seen a huge increase in younger people drinking coffee — even high school-age kids drinking coffee,” says Aaron Beemer, owner of Beanzy Coffee in Mason City. “They are making up a more and more significant part of the business.”

And with the amount of coffee millennials are drinking, Beemer says it’s starting to cause a global impact.

“The farmers in smaller countries and smaller villages, they are becoming more technologically savvy with their agriculture. A lot of people that are agricultural experts have gotten into the coffee field now,” he says.

While Beemer says the earlier the person starts drinking coffee, the more they can impact the other countries, McNamara says she will kick her coffee drinking habit.

“I wasn’t a big coffee drinker before but now I am I kind of don’t want to be later on,” she says.

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