Students participate in mock elections


AUSTIN, Minn.- Then general election is just five days away and students at Austin High School are getting some practice casting votes by participating in a mock election.

Some seniors at AHS will vote for their first time next week.

“If people can vote they should vote,” said Mitzi Medina, Senior at Austin High School. “This is a really close Presidential race. So if you want to be heard, go out and vote.”

This mock election is Medina’s first time casting her vote. She thinks of it as a practice run as she and many other students get ready to fill out a real ballot next week.

“I think it’s really beneficial for them so when they actually do vote they already know what to do,” said Keshona Greene, Senior Austin High School.

The ballots not only feature the Presidential candidates, but also other national, state and local races.

They’re also learning about some of the races in class.

“Most of the information I find online comes from Facebook, but my American Government class teaches us about the election and tells us what’s going on,” said Greene.

Educating these young minds gives them a chance to form their own opinion before election day

“It does give students an opportunity to discuss with their peers thoughts about the future,” said Rayce Hardy, Austin High School. “I’m happy there is an election and we’re having government classes the same semester.”

Staff will count all the ballots and let the students know who won each race on Monday.



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