Diversity in nursing homes


MASON CITY, Iowa- People are living longer than ever before, and that’s leading to more diversity in nursing homes.

IOOF Home and Community Therapy Center Administrator Debra Haugen said they work to make sure people in their care are treated as individuals. She said they offer a variety of cultural food options, different pastimes and activities, and personalized care programs.

“If they had a foreign language or spoke their language of birth,” said Haugen. “With dementia that comes back as their primary language rather than always English, so having someone who can speak their language, whatever that may be, may be helpful for them to feel more included.”

Haugen said staff members work closely with residents, their families and volunteers to make sure each person gets the care they need.


1 thought on “Diversity in nursing homes

  1. I’ve worked with Alzheimer’s/Dementia patients for 16 years. This kind of treatment is the only way I worked & trained other C.N.A.’s. These people deserve nothing but complete respect. Talking to them like they’re a baby or in kindergarten, is not respecting them. Thanks for your article. I hope more people will appreciate this, & apply these skills to how they work in a nursing home/assisted living.
    God Bless

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